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Dec 28, 2018 · Coating Concrete: Performance Expectations, Coating Types, and Performance Testing of Coatings Used to Protect Concrete Bridges Introduction Concrete is the most widely used building material worldwide because it has many unique properties that make it ideal for use in construction.

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Inspection is an essential part of the coatings industry. With concrete being one of the most widely used manmade materials in the world, proper application and maintenance is key. Inspectors have a crucial job on any site and a thoroughly trained individual is an asset to the job, become a certified Level 1 or Level 2 inspector with the ...


7.2.2—Ready mixed concrete 7.2.3—Volumetric batching and mixing 7.3—Plant inspection 7.3.1—Control of water content 7.3.2—Control of air content 7.3.3—Control of temperature 7.4—Placing inspection 7.4.1—Control of slump loss 7.4.2—Control of consistency 7.4.3—Measuring concrete quantity Chapter 8—Inspection before ...

Concrete Weight Coating

Concrete Weight Coating is used for marine pipelines and river crossing for negative buoyancy and to counteract the effects of currents. Concrete is applied to pipelines to provide a negative buoyancy, which prevents the pipe from floating in high water table terrain such as swamp land.

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Concrete Weight Coating. Concrete weight coating (CWC) is a plant-applied reinforced concrete coating system externally applied by using either impingement or compression (wrap) method to either bare pipe or pre-coated offshore pipe with a minimum thickness of 25mm, intended primarily for submerged service for water or oil and gas pipeline system.


Coating thickness can vary from 20 mm to 150 mm. Concrete application provides pipe coating of uniform thickness with minimum deviations of specified weight. Concrete weight coating is applied to the exterior of steel pipe to provide negative buoyancy or mechanical protection for submarine pipelines.

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The concrete is prepared in an automated batching plant using aggregates (e.g., sand, iron ore), cement and water. The mix is applied on the pipe by impingement or compression while one or more reinforcing wire meshes are incorporated, depending on the required coating thickness.


Concrete coating system is designed to provide negative buoyancy and mechanical protection for pipelines in subsea and wet environments. Compression Coat uses a side-wrap application process making it ideal for both small and large diameter pipelines.

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testing and repair of concrete weight coatings for the exterior surface of linepipe previously coated against corrosion. 1.4.2 This Specification covers both factory applied and site applied coatings. 1.4.3 The concrete coating shall consist of a uniform, concentric reinforced concrete jacket applied


Specification for Concrete Weight CoatingSpecification for Concrete Weight Coating 3 of 10 1.0 SCOPE This specification shall govern the materials, application, inspection, repairs, handling and other

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Technical capabilities of the plant: Range of Pipes Diameters for Applying Concrete Coating – 10” – 40” Concrete Coating Reinforcement – Galvanized Wire Mesh from 1 to 4 Layers; Thickness of Concrete Cover – Up to 210; Obtainable Concrete Density For Concrete Weight Coating – Up to 3100 kg/m³; CWC Plant Capacity – 0,47 m³/min

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Tyhoo is also in a position to supply the mobile concrete weight coating (CWC) plant for clients to reduce their logistic costs of pipeline project over long distance and create local jobs at the new location where coating services are needed. The flexibility of mobile CWC coating facilities has proved to be efficient and cost-effective.

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Adding MagnaDense to the concrete will make it heavier, however, the concrete is still fluid enough to be sprayed onto the pipelines. Compression concrete weight coating. Using this applying method, the pipe gets a concrete weight coating by rolling the heavy concrete with a special technique against the pipeline.

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Our flagship training program for 30+ years, the NACE coating inspection courses set the standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry. Companies worldwide recognize and specify the NACE Coating Inspector Program the most because its comprehensive curriculum produces knowledgeable inspectors who have learned a skillset for ...

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Automating Concrete Weight Coating using wire mesh or cages Design, manufacturing and commissioning of a fully automated Concrete Weight Coating Plant. The plant is designed for pipe range 16” – 56” (406 – 1,420 mm), pipe length from 8 up to 12 mtr, max pipe weight of 30,000kg, production rate - max 1000 m2/hour (30 pipes @ 36 ...